OfficeMaster Suite 8: Move to the next level

Made for the requirements of the digital working world, perfectly adapted to decentralized working and the connection of the home office. Document exchange at the highest security level: simple, fast, encrypted - of course DSGVO-compliant.


Integrated work with unified communications

The new OfficeMaster Suite 8 combines existing e-mail systems with the communication channels Next Generation Document Exchange (NGDX), fax, voicemail and SMS to form an intelligent unified communications solution.

It ensures tamper-proof and legally secure document transfer in IP environments, connects employees across locations and lays the foundation for further processing of digital documents in document management systems.


OfficeMaster Suite: What is new?

The new version of OfficeMaster Suite offers more ways to enrich documents and support digital processes than ever before. In particular, these new features include:

  • Text recognition of documents using OCR (Optical Character Recognition, text recognition) - of both newly received and existing documents.
  • Creation of XInvoices or ZUGFeRD 2.1 including upload to the Bundesdruckerei portal via the web interface.
  • Integration with E-Post - send letters easily and digitally and Deutsche Post takes care of printing, enveloping and mailing  
  • Accelerated document transmission through direct IP connections of the remote stations, whereby addressing is still done via phone numbers.
  • Innovative document transmission via Cloud Relay introduces 2FA (two-factor authentication) when sending documents - it couldn't be more secure!


Security & Data Protection of OfficeMaster Suite 8
  • End-to-end encryption from end device to end device
  • Data transport not in the open Internet, but in the SIP trunk
  • Addressing via telephone number
  • Manipulation security through use of hashes
  • Secure certificates
  • Rights management
  • Manufacturer with headquarters, development and production in Germany


For a long time, there was hardly any alternative to fax for the loss-free, verifiable and direct transmission of documents. It is legally secure thanks to an OK mark and transmission journal, accepted worldwide and able to overcome even poor telephone lines. In addition, it does not transmit active content, so malware has no chance - a major advantage over e-mail. This technology, based on current ITU standards, has been consistently developed further for a transmission method that is innovative, future-proof and can be used across all industries: NGDX.


The advantages of NGDX

  • fast - IP-based transmission
  • color - all color information of the original document is preserved
  • high resolution - blueprints, photos and graphics are transferred 1:1
  • hybrid - documents are readable by humans and machines (e.g. ZUGFeRD 2.1, XRechnung) " audit-proof - a searchable digital standard format (PDF or PDF/A) that can be archived in an audit-proof manner
  • encrypted - DSGVO compliant " compatible - downward compatible with fax
  • compatible - downward compatible with fax
  • direct - without intermediate storage on external infrastructures ("clouds")
  • lightweight - easy installation and maintenance, without changing the IT infrastructure
  • integrable - on every common operating system, in connection with scanners, printers and multifunction devices, in the government cloud as well as with various softwares, e.g. MS Office 2021, Exchange 2021, SAP. Web services for integration with third-party software and services such as letter dispatch via E-Post.
Safety standards for the hybrid world of work

If companies opt for a hybrid employment model, this must not be at the expense of compliance and data protection. It is imperative that the same security standards apply to mobile working and office presence. An important component of this is document transfer, which is often used as a potential gateway for malware.

Secure digital communication already reaches its limits when it comes to e-mail traffic, because documents can easily be manipulated on their way between sender and recipient. Ferrari electronic's OfficeMaster Suite 8 closes this gap. The "Next Generation Document Exchange" (NGDX) feature lays the foundation for a legally and tamper-proof, DSGVO-compliant, digital document transfer.