The charm of the interaction of Panasonic document scanners with OfficeMaster Suite 7DX lies in the fact that classic paper is made available in searchable digital form for document transmission. Here not only the complete document contents are preserved one-to-one, but also additional meta information for digital processing is added. This leads to an increase in the efficiency of public authorities and companies through digital processing of paper documents.

Panasonic and Ferrari electronic are your competent partners for the digitalization of processes

  • Preserve your workflows
  • Maintain your approval processes despite a paperless office
  • Give your workforce the flexibility to work from the home office


Panasonic Scanner KV-N1058X

The scanner is ideal for use in various office environments, government agencies, banks, financial institutions, medical practices and hotels, and helps companies move to fully digital workflows. The scans are fed directly into the user's system at a high speed of 70 sheets (140 pages) per minute.

Product integration of OfficeMaster Suite 7DX in the Scanner.

  • Fax icon prominently on the display
  • Dialling keys with address book function
  • Qualified transmission report in the e-mail inbox


  • Document being scanned
  • Optionally keyworded by software and
  • Forwarded as archivable & legally compliant PDF

OfficeMaster Suite 7DX

  • Accepts PDF 1:1
  • Prepares dispatch and transfers PDF/A
  • Sent via NGDX

Interaction of the KV-N1058X with the OfficeMaster Suite 7DX - Transmission via NGDX or fax

    Your added values

    1. Conventional paper documents become digital
    2. All document information remains 1:1 like the original
    3. Paper documents are digitized quickly and easily
    4. The recording device only requires a network connection - no telephone connection
    5. Digital documents can be enhanced with metadata
    6. Digital documents store information more efficiently than traditional fax documents (image)
    7. Digital document is checked for defective content
    8. Revision-proof archivable PDF/A document
    9. Optimal integration into the existing IT infrastructure
    10.  Deep integration with M365, the cloud from Microsoft
    11.   Encrypted document transmission (transport route & file) to remote station, external or subsequent system
    12.  Qualified transmission report (circumstantial evidence)
    13.  Document dispatch: legally compliant (BGH / BFH) & DSGVO compliant
    14.  Downwards compatible with the fax standard
    15.  Digitally enhanced document is available for further processing in subsequent systems (ERP, DMS, BPMS, etc.)
    16.  Innovative fast dispatch via IP (DirectSIP)
    17.  Or classic via telephone network (ISDN, analogue)


    What documents can I send via NGDX?

    Only valid PDF documents without active content and thus also invoices according to ZUGFeRD 2.1 and PDF/A can be transferred via NGDX. Authorities and companies are therefore ideally positioned for the conversion to digital transmission of invoices.

    The documents are verified for the necessary formats for this purpose. If none of the possible formats is delivered, NGDX converts the document to PDF, thus ensuring that it does not contain any malicious code.


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