Insurance: Sending and processing legally compliant digital documents

With NGDX you optimize your business process management for the digital communication world and save your employees time. You can rely on a legally compliant solution for the digital exchange of your data-sensitive documents.

In our digital world, speed is becoming a new competitive factor for companies. As a result, companies and organizations need new solutions for exchanging and processing digital documents. Next Generation Document Exchange (NGDX) is one of them. With this standard, companies, authorities and organisations can send, receive and archive their documents in a legally secure manner. Also audit-proof with additional blockchain option.

The advantages of NGDX at a glance:

  • You can send and receive documents from any device
  • NGDX transmits documents as PDF files that can be read by humans and machines.
  • Transmission of the document starts as soon as the receiving system confirms that it can receive the document.
  • The document arrives unchanged at the recipient with all formatting, for example with color font or with embedded photos.
  • The NGDX platform receives a transmission confirmation including date and time of transmission.
  • Document exchange is legally secure, and with blockchain option activated, even audit-proof

On this page you can read about the advantages NGDX brings to the insurance industry.

OfficeMaster Suite: The Basis for Next Generation Document Exchange

The OfficeMaster Suite connects your E-Mail system with NGDX, fax, SMS and voicemail to a single unified communications solution. By using the existing infrastructure for storing and configuring user data, not only is access to these asynchronous services standardized, but all administrative access is also guaranteed via already established channels.

OfficeMaster Suite

Communicate. But securely.

Strengthen the trust of your business partners and minimize risks: With NGDX and its blockchain option, you can communicate and archive in a legally compliant and audit-proof manner. Internally as well as with other organizations and companies. The path of your data is completely traceable, the manipulation of documents is no longer possible. The key to transparent communication is provided by the blockchain, a public, decentralized and unchangeable database structure. Transactions that are stored once in the blockchain are unmanipulable, unchangeable and cannot be deleted.

Not every document can be processed automatically down to the last detail. Some have to be checked and approved by people, for example invoice releases. Digital approval workflows make it easier to pass them on to the people responsible. When a deadline approaches, the workflow reports automatically. In this way, nothing is left behind, automatic rules for substitution intervene and redirect the task.

A broad field for the automation of processes offers the usually unpopular and therefore often neglected filing of documents. A document exchange system frees employees from this task as much as possible. All documents transferred according to modern standards are machine-readable. Thus the information contained in the document is digitally available and can be used for further processing, for example on the basis of customer or insurance numbers. Similarly, all documents with a project number on them automatically move to the appropriate project folder. The aim is to relieve employees of tiresome tasks and free up valuable resources.

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The switch to NGDX reduces the flood of paper in companies. A plus for the digitized workflow.


Example invoice release: A digital workflow makes it easier to control and check documents and processes.

Reduce transfer errors: Workflow management systems receive the data directly, without an employee being manually involved in the process.

NGDX transfers the data loss-free, verifiable and directly to another company or location.

NGDX with blockchain option: Just like a registered letter with receipt of delivery

Those who use NGDX can optionally opt for the blockchain technology. The connection to the blockchain turns digital documents into tamper-proof registered letters with acknowledgement of receipt. The blockchain option is particularly suitable for the digital exchange of documents with business-critical content. It also enables the authenticity of documents to be proven and replaces the digital signature.

More about the Blockchain-Option can be found here

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