No size restrictions when sending - a real advantage.


With NGDX, documents can be sent legally secure and across industries. How NGDX changes the digital world and supports lawyers in their communication, we interviewed Axel Höper, lawyer and specialist lawyer for criminal and medical law.


The special electronic attorney mailbox (beA) is an e-mail mailbox for attorneys, what is your experience with the beA?


We can't get past the beA, it's a decision of the BRAK that we lawyers have to implement. There is currently only a "passive obligation to use", but this will change in the near future. I would like to note, however, that the beA is still not running smoothly at the moment. At the moment, for example, I receive a notification about the receipt of a message, but often I cannot retrieve it. This makes working more difficult and must be corrected. In addition, this mailbox is only for lawyers, but of course we also communicate regularly with experts and have to send legally secure documents with sensitive content.

Does fax still play a role in your professional practice?

Yes, the fax still plays a role in our daily work, especially when it comes to cooperation with authorities. It is primarily a matter of lodging appeals against administrative orders imposing fines or appeals against administrative acts within the prescribed time limits. At present, these documents can only be filed by fax; sending them by e-mail is out of the question because they are not in time and therefore no legally effective remedies can be submitted. The fax with OK-mark is therefore still today the safest and fastest way of dispatch.

Ferrari electronic offers with Next Generation Document Exchange in IP environments a new legally compliant document exchange procedure. Would you see in it added value for your daily work?

The fact that NGDX has no size restrictions when sending documents is an advantage that should not be underestimated and then also in colour means that documents arrive in the form in which they were created, i.e. unchanged. In addition, the support of document formats such as PDF/A, i.e. searchable, hybrid documents, would be helpful. This makes integration into existing digitally created process folders easy.

In addition to the encryption of the documents themselves and the transmission path, I find it particularly charming that NGDX can optionally be extended with blockchain technology. With NGDX, a legally secure, cross-industry transmission of documents and revision security through blockchain can be achieved.

I don't think we could communicate digitally any safer. This is important for our clients, who rely on us to handle their data with confidence, but it is also important for us lawyers, as we can now provide ourselves with double security. So the bottom line I can only say is that NGDX is a technology that BRAK should be reviewing.