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The technology to exchange documents securely.

Send documents legally secure and device-independent and then process them automatically: The new Next Generation Document Exchange format makes it possible.

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Optimize the digital transformation of your information management:

With the new NGDX standard, you  receive and send your messages and documents regardless of device and file format. From smartphone to fax machine, DOCX becomes PDF. Wherever and whenever you want. Legally compliant, universal and verifiable. Even audit-proof with the blockchain option. You minimize risks and costs for your company and profit fully from the digitalization of the communication world.

100% Solution

NGDX sends hybrid documents. They are equally readable by humans and machines and can be further processed automatically.

100% Security

NGDX combines asymmetric and symmetric encryption while retaining an end-to-end document transmission.


100% Exchange

NGDX is based on the current ITU standard. Senders and receivers can exchange information across industries, independent on the device used.


Strictly confidential


Secure and traceable exchange of business-critical documents. 

Strengthen the trust of your business partners and minimize risks: With the new Next Generation Document Exchange (NGDX) standard, you can communicate and archive in a legally secure manner. Internally as well as across industries with other organisations and companies.

Your information and document management achieves a new quality:

NGDX transmits documents in the original version, in colour and with all contents. Received and sent digital documents are readable by humans and machines and can be automatically captured or processed seamlessly and without media discontinuity with business process management systems.

The possibility of this further processing accelerates business processes by many times: routine tasks are automated and triggered by default. Since the documents can be read by machines, they can also be sorted, stored and archived by machines. Workflows among individual employees, such as approval processes, can be carried out faster, checked more easily and controlled better. Documents are always up to date and available in the right place at the right time. 

If you add the blockchain option to NGDX (read more about this in the expert interview), your document exchange will be revision-proof. The path of your data is completely traceable, the manipulation of documents is no longer possible.

Whether invoices, contracts, purchase orders, deeds, receipts or tax-relevant documents - as soon as you use NGDX with the Blockchain option, you can prove or verifiably archive your transactions without any doubt. The verification remains simple and understandable for technical non-professionals.

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