Digital Workflow: Optimal Business Process Management


Legally compliant digital exchange of documents - the requirements of digitalization are changing the world of communication. Those who want to secure their competitive position need new strategies for the use of digital technologies. Using hybrid document formats is one of them.


How do companies build digitization USPs to become more efficient, productive and competitive?

How can the existing communication infrastructure be migrated cost-efficiently and easily into the digital world? Many medium-sized companies show potential for optimization that can be exploited through digitization and process automation. The Next Generation Document Exchange (NGDX) technology forms the basis for this. With NGDX, companies send and receive digital documents and electronic invoices in a legally compliant way. NGDX provides an optionally functioning automation of business processes. The use of blockchains even makes document exchange audit-proof. The digital document is as secure as a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt:

  • With PDF/A, NGDX uses a format that supports hybrid documents that can be read by both humans and machines
  • NGDX is based on a worldwide supported, legally compliant standard
  • Documents transmitted via NGDX can be used in court
  • PDF documents are transferred through an "end-to-end" (peer-to-peer) connection
  • Additional encryption and the use of a digital signature are possible
Electronic invoice processing: e-bill and ZUGFeRD 2.1

From electronic invoice receipt via invoice verification and invoice release to electronic invoice dispatch: With NGDX you optimise your electronic invoice processing and streamline your invoice workflow. Send and receive ZUGFeRD invoices and electronic invoices legally compliant like an e-mail and optimise your online accounting for the digital world. Click here to find out how you can process electronic invoices with NGDX.

Switching to NGDX reduces the flood of paper in companies. A plus for the digitized workflow.


Example invoice release: A digital workflow simplifies the controlling and checking of documents and processes.


Reduce transfer errors: Workflow management systems receive the data directly, without an employee being manually involved in the process.


NGDX transfers the data loss-free, verifiable and directly to another company or location.


Not every document can be processed automatically down to the last detail. Some have to be checked and approved by people, for example invoice releases. Digital approval workflows make it easier to pass them on to the people responsible. When a deadline approaches, the workflow reports automatically. Thus, nothing is left behind, automatic substitution rules intervene and redirect the task.

NGDX with Blockchain option
Like a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt

Those who use NGDX can optionally book the blockchain technology. The connection to the blockchain makes the exchange audit-proof. It is particularly suitable for the digital exchange of documents with business-critical content. The connection enables the authenticity of documents to be proven and replaces the digital signature.

More about Blockchain Option.

Filing documents: Often unpopular and therefore neglected. This is where an automation of processes can be of great benefit. A document exchange system unburdens employees from this task as much as possible. All documents transferred according to modern standards are machine-readable. Thus the information contained in the document is digitally available and can be used for further processing in BPM systems, for example on the basis of customer or insurance numbers. Likewise, all documents with a project number automatically move to the appropriate project folder. The goal is to relieve employees of tiresome tasks and free up valuable resources.


Are you interested in further details on the optimization of business process management systems with NGDX?

Here is our Whitepaper (in German)