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NGDX enables and accelerates digitization in your institution. You save time and money. And benefit fully from the world of digital communication.

Participation and communication: Public authorities in the public sector face new challenges as a result of digitization. Citizens today not only expect transparent, comprehensible action from institutions, but also a significantly increased service, including digital dialogs. All this also requires new, internal structures: How can data-sensitive documents be sent securely from one authority to another? What possibilities are there to ease the burden on civil servants and employees when archiving documents and data?

The new Next Generation Document Exchange (NGDX) format for legally compliant document exchange is the answer to the questions above. NGDX transmits original documents and is recognized as legally secure thanks to the FerrariFax process.

If you want to make your documents and transmissions revision-proof, you can add the blockchain option to the NGDX standard. The advantages at a glance:

  • Documents are transmitted in the original, with all colors, photos, etc
  • NGDX supports the sending and receiving of e-invoices according to ZUGFeRD 2.1 specification.
  • NGDX transmits PDF files, which can be read and processed by humans and machines.
  • Documents are sent end-to-end
  • The users receive a transmission confirmation including date and time of transmission.

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NGDX for police authorities: More presence on the road

A car driver rammed a parked motorbike into the road. All those involved wait almost 30 minutes for the police patrol. The policeman records the damage on paper. Until he has typed and processed the information on the computer in the police station, it will be evening.


The protocol process with NGDX would be simpler, faster and safer. The possibility of sending legally secure and verifiable documents with NGDX would release an immense savings potential: The police authorities could digitise all their correspondence. Instead of driving from accident location to accident location with pencil and paper, police officers would be equipped with smartphones and tablets. Photos of the scene of the accident could be taken with the smartphone and then sent.

This would save time: Even before the policeman is back at the precinct, he could send the protocol to all those who have to continue working with it - lawyers, courts, insurance companies and those affected. The protocol could be filed and archived immediately using an automated procedure. NGDX supports hybrid document formats that can be read by humans and machines. The advantage lies in the relief of work: policemen concentrate again on the important work at the scene of the accident. And they are more present in the city.

[Translate to Englisch:] E-Government-Gesetz und Digitale Verwaltung 2020

Komplexe Verwaltungsabläufe hinterfragen, elektronische Systeme ausbauen und Online-Verfahren zugänglich und sicher machen: Um die Digitalisierung bei Behörden voranzutreiben, gibt es seit dem Jahr 2013 das E-Government-Gesetz. Um das Gesetz koordiniert umsetzen zu können, hat die Bundesregierung dazu 2014 das Programm Digitale Verwaltung 2020 erlassen. Ein erster Evaluationsbericht von 2017 zeigt, dass die Umsetzungspflichten in weiten Teilen erreicht werden.

Alles zum E-Government-Gesetz.

Optimized Business Process Management with NGDX

Digital workflows facilitate and accelerate approval processes and processes for collaboration with other institutions. This is based on standards that transmit documents in hybrid formats that can be read and processed by people and machines alike. NGDX is one of these standards: The platform supports ZUGFeRD and PDF. Documents are sent as PDF/A without loss. Colored font Photos and letterheads arrive unchanged at the recipient.

NGDX does not transmit any potentially harmful active content or applications. The PDF documents to be transmitted are checked for harmful content both before they are sent and before they are acknowledged. If active content is included, reception or transmission will be refused.


ZUGFeRD 2.0 has established itself in German-speaking countries as the standard for transmitting electronic invoices. ZUGFeRD is based on the PDF format. However, since the image representation of an electronic invoice is not sufficient to process the document automatically, ZUGFeRD also contains the invoice information in XML format. This is no problem for PDF: Part 3 of PDF allows structured XML data to be embedded. ZUGFeRD is nothing more than a PDF file with integrated XML data.

By the way: NGDX is downward compatible up to the conventional fax server. Further information on the NGDX standard can be found in our whitepaper.


PDF/A is an ISO standardised format suitable for the long-term archiving of electronic documents. PDF ensures that the image representation of a document is retained for a long time. And thus complies with the legal obligation to store documents.

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