NGDX for the pharmaceutical industry: Guaranteed transmission of information.

Send a document with the device of your choice - whether smartphone, laptop or fax machine - in a comprehensible and legally compliant way with NGDX.


Do you want to ensure that your business-critical documents are transmitted in their original form? You don't want to send them by E- Mail because the transport route is not secure enough? Then use the new standard of document transmission: Next Generation Document Exchange (NGDX FAQ): With it you can send documents not only legally secure but also retain their validity. The transport route of the document is also secure and accurate with NGDX: for example, your document will only be sent when the receiving device is ready. After the document has been sent, you will receive a transmission confirmation after which you can additionally encrypt the document, if needed. If you want to make the process tamper-proof, simply use the blockchain option for NGDX.



The features of NGDX also bring you the following advantages:

  • Documents are transmitted in their original form, without modification, with all colors, photos, etc
  • NGDX is interoperable
  • NGDX supports the sending and receiving of e-invoices according to ZUGFeRD 2.1 specification
  • NGDX transmits PDF files from the documents, which can be read and processed by humans and machines
  • Documents are sent end-to-end

Read below how players in the pharmaceutical industry benefit from NGDX.

NGDX in the pharmaceutical sector

Whenever it comes to the transfer of data in the pharmaceutical industry, security and discretion are important. To avoid harm to individuals and companies, information must get into the right hands and only be transparent to those who have a legitimate interest.

This can also be seen in the case of a pharmacist who encounters an irregularity when checking his order: Instead of seeing a drug in equal proportions in the 32mg/12.5 mg dosage and in the 32mg/25mg dosage in the crates, he only finds twice the amount of the 32mg/12.5 mg dosage. He had ordered it differently and also received feedback. After several controls of the order procedures he determines that there is no error here. Up to this point, everything corresponds to the regulated procedures. To clarify the error, he calls the wholesaler. But even there, the order quantities were received correctly. However, a glance at the wholesalers' warehouse shows that the blisters supplied by the manufacturer are all marked with the dosage 32 mg/12.5 mg.

The wholesaler immediately contacts the manufacturer and suspects that a marking error has occurred on the package. And he's right: the blisters are marked with a false label. Affected drugs must be blocked from sale immediately. The manufacturer calls on pharmacists to inform customers of the error. At the same time it begins with a country wide recall action of the preparations. Especially in this process NGDX proves to be the right tool - data is machine- and human-readable, securely redundantly stored and can only be viewed by those who are authorized to access it. Procedures can be carried out and completed transparently but securely.


Send a document with the device of your choice - smartphone, laptop or fax machine. For example, if you send from Outlook, the NGDX server transmits a PDF that can be read and processed by people and machines. And all this without compressing or losing any data. The PDF can then be archived automatically. Now you can start further processes to work with the documents.



You receive and edit the PDF document sent from Outlook in the system of your choice. Do you use the blockchain option? Then you can prove in an audit-proof manner whether the data has arrived at your office complete and unchanged. After receipt, you can process the document automatically or manually and without additional effort. If your receiving device works without the NGDX standard, you receive the document as a fax - electronically or on paper. You can then process it further.

Third Parties

With the blockchain option, in the event of a dispute or for an audit, it can also be clearly demonstrated to third parties that documents between sender and recipient have not been manipulated. All data can be archived and checked in a verifiable manner. And that in a simple, understandable and fast way.

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